SALE: Vince Cashmere Sweaters 40% Off

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vince Women's Cashmere V-neck Cardigan
Vince Cashmere V-Neck

After discount: $147.00
Available at:

As a fellow fashionista shopaholic, I'm sure you've already heard about the amazing Bloomingdale's 40% off sale. There's so much stuff on sale that it's almost overwhelming. Seriously, if you don't have at least some clue about what you are looking for, you could get lost in the Bloomingdale's Sale Department. So, I thought long and hard about what I really wanted to score at 40% off and off I went... straight to Vince cashmere!

Bloomingdale's is currently stocking 12 different Vince cashmere sweaters in all shapes, sizes and colors, and every one is marked 40% off the lowest ticketed price. In some cases, this means you'll be scoring Vince cashmere for under $100! I'm quite impressed with the selection, which I attribute in part to the vastness of the Bloomie's sale section. The Vince is buried away where no one can find it. Until now.

Click on the photo to link directly to where you can purchase the Vince Cashmere V-Neck online and on sale, or check out all of the sale-priced Vince Cashmere currently on sale at