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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

--By Kim Moshtaghi

Bath & Body Works Signature Collection - The Gift of Home Fragrance - Sweet Pea
Gift of Home Fragrance - Sweet Pea

$22.00 (was $29.50-- save 34%!)
Available at:

Bath and Body Works is having their Semi-Annual Sale, and I don’t want us to miss out on this rare opportunity. I love their products, but it’s hard for me to pay full price for them all the time. So, during the sale I like to stock up on my favorite scents and items. There are a lot of fun and great smelling things to choose from.

I love purchasing gift sets because I usually end up using the box to create my own custom made gift set later for someone’s birthday, or I use it as a potpourri holder. I also love getting the smaller 2-ounce bottles of lotion and body wash to put in my gym bag. At an affordable price, I have chosen some great buys that will make you realize the importance of smelling wonderful at all times-- especially leaving hints of lovely scents on your boyfriend’s bed sheets, or your own!

Bath & Body Works Signature Collection - Favorite Fragrance Trio - Sensual Exotics
Fragrance Trio - Sensual Exotics

$7.50 (was $10-- save 25%!)
Available at:

The first great save is a Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Home Fragrance set. With a Sweet Pea scent, this will make your house more tastefully inviting than ever! I always have an oil warmer with fragrance oil ready to go in my kitchen. This gift set comes with a wallflower starter set, 1.75 ounce candle, oil warmer, .33 ounce home fragrance oil and an unscented tea light to place underneath the oil warmer. I love these oil warmers-- they actually work! I put my oil straight on the warmer or sometimes for a more subtle smell I mix it with a tiny bit of water.

Favorite Fragrance Trios in Sensual Exotics is my absolute favorite pack of trios on sale, that’s why I have already ordered mine! This gift set includes all three of my favorite Bath and Body Works scents. The fragrances include: Japanese Cherry Blossom, Warm Vanilla Sugar and Velvet Tuberose. There not just my favorite scents, but also come in the perfect 2-ounce sizes, which are great to take with you and stash in your purse during this dry season!

This next pick is for those people who need that extra warmth before they get their butt to sleep. Similar to a child’s bed time story, Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy sleep line has created an adult, healthy, non-pill popping way to getting quality sleep. This Aromatherapy Luxe Bath in Warm Milk and Honey is an incredible moisturizer and nourishment for the skin. This blend will make you more susceptible to crawl into bed with major hope of some sweet, warm and fuzzy dreams.
Kim Moshtaghi
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