TOMS Shoes: Shop for a Cause

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

--By Jules Newmark

Tom. Such a “joe-shmoe” type of name – you know the phrase “every tom, dick and harry”. It’s a name that doesn’t really catch the eye until it’s all alone representing a brand that gives back to society in such a way that is making people ga-ga for TOMS shoes!

This company gives back by donating a pair of shoes to a child in an impoverished country without shoes every time anyone buys a pair. The slip on style shoes are easily Southern California, surfer girl or grommet boy. They are perfect for slipping on to truck to the store or even to impress the in-laws with a summery frock at the racetrack! For the holidays, TOMS Shoes are stepping it up another notch, if you can believe they can make another step in the direction of giving back. They will be donating one pair of shoes to a child in need as per usual but this season they want to donate 30,000 shoes in 30 days to kids in Ethiopia! Talk about taking a challenge!

TOMS Shoes Holiday Challenge

Please help the kids get a start at being a step closer to stilettos like all of us fashionistas, everyone should enjoy the beauty of the shoe... you’ve gotta start somewhere! Give the gift of TOMS and feel even better about helping out the cause!
Jules Newmark
Jules Newmark is a contributing writer for Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle. Jules is currently based in sun drenched San Diego, California, where she works, and works the scene, as a modeling agent. Jules's beauty must-haves include mascara by Dior, perfume by Calvin Klein, and a really good sunblock.