SALE: GF Ferre Double Handle Bag 67% Off

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

GF Ferre Double Handle Bag

$210.00 (was $630-- 67%!)
Available at:

This rich red leather Double Handle Handbag from GF Ferre is bright enough to stand out in a crowd, yet classic enough to be a staple of your handbag wardrobe for years. Priced 67% off retail, this bag is a wise investment that really isn't that big of an investment at all.

The drawstring side closures topped off with kicky tassels is the standout feature in my book. They keep this classy shoulder bag youthful and unique. Don't shy away from the red color... it's a lot more versatile than you'd think. Once you incorporate a firey red handbag into your wardrobe you'll wonder why you ever doubted its usefulness. Red vibes rich and Earthy when paired with browns and creams, smart and sassy with grey and white. Just be wary of pairing red with an all black ensemble. It can look harsh if not perfectly proportioned.

Convinced that this chic red GF Ferre handbag is for you? Click the photo to link directly to where you can purchase it online and on sale.