SALE: Only Hearts Lace Trim Hipster 50% Off

Monday, January 12, 2009

Only Hearts Lace Trim Hipster
Only Hearts Lace Trim Boyshort

$19.00 - 26.60
(was $38-- save 30-50%!)
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In the February issue of Lucky magazine there is a fun little feature where the editors of Lucky name their "most loved basic" from fashion or beauty. Of course, there are the usual suspects: Hanes mens tanks, striped tees, Wolford tights. But there was one rather extravagant basic that stood out to me. Special Sections Director Liz Kiernan named $38 a pair Only Hearts Lace Trim Hipster Boyshorts as her fave, going so far as to claim that she owns approximately 50 pair. Um, that's $1,900.00 worth of underwear. And I thought my $8.50 Victoria's Secret boy shorts were pricey.

Admittedly, I'm curious. I love boyshorts and if someone says that she's found the best-- particularly when that someone is a Lucky editor-- I want to judge for myself. But, I can't bear the thought of paying $38 for a single pair of everyday drawers. I mean, that's like 1/7 of a pair of really nice designer jeans! Well, thanks to this super sale find from ShopBop, we can all try out Liz Kiernan's "most loved" Only Hearts boyshorts for a whole lot less. I still won't be buying 50 pair, but I think a pair or two may be in order.

The Only Hears Lace Trim Hipster Boyshort is available in 7 colors, and sizes S to L. Click on the photo to link directly to where you can purchase online and on sale, while supplies last.