Thakoon for Target: Must Have Tops

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thakoon for Target Shibori Print Tee
Thakoon for Target Shibori Print Tee

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The long awaited Thakoon for Target Go International line finally landed the last week of December. Although I'm typically all over the "opening day" of a new Target designer collaboration, a combination of nasty illnesses and a bum shoulder kept me tethered to my couch for a couple of weeks. I got in some great online shopping, but totally missed the Thakoon debut.

As I feared, by the time I got to Target today all that was left of the Thakoon collection was three sizes too big for me. But, as luck would have it, I still walked out of my local Target with two gorgeous must-have Thakoon tops. Totally excited.

Thakoon Panichgul, the designer behind the Thakoon label, has been a favorite of fashionistas for a while now. But, as we all know, Mr. Panichgul rocketed to mainstream fame thanks to a Thakoon dress or two (or four) that was sported during prime time by a certain soon-to-be First Lady. Now people from coast to coast name drop Thakoon clothing like it's Gucci. Great for Thakoon, not so fab for those of us trying to score a piece or two from his Target line!

Thakoon for Target Gauze Button Top Cyber Floral
Thakoon for Target Gauze Button Top

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Anyway, on to my finds. First, like everyone else it seems, I totally fell for the Thakoon for Target Shibori Print. I picked up the tee [top left], which fits like a dream and looked sassy with the dark blue Goldsign Orchid jeans I just happened to be sporting in the dressing room. The dramatic navy and white design is actually quite sophisticated in person and vibes a whole lot less tie-dye that it appears in print.

I also picked up the Thakoon for Target Gauze Button Top in Cyber Floral [right]. Although this top had very little hanger appeal for me, I tried it on anyway since it was one of the few items left in my size. I'm so glad I did, because the moment I had it on I fell instantly in love. The fit is very high fashion-- at least on me. I was shocked to see that this top has one of the lower customer ratings on the site. Many complained that the fit was "frumpy" or "unstylish," but I couldn't disagree more. It fits just like my fave Marc Jacobs bib front top from last spring-- which retailed for over $200-- and the bright floral print is totally on-trend for spring. I adore it and highly encourage all of you fab fashionistas to give it a try.

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