New & Hot: Fiorentini + Baker "Bowery Bi" Boot

Friday, February 13, 2009

--By Pearl C.

Fiorentini + Baker Bowery Bi Boot
Fiorentini + Baker "Bowery Bi" Boot

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As tomorrow is the big V-Day, I’d like to tell you about my first love of 2009. You may recall the Moto Zip Jeans post with that chick from The City... but my discriminating eyes went straight to those gorgeous black leather boots with the side buckles. That was it, I was done. Fellow SJ reader “T” found them for me and they are every bit as awesome as expected: the Fiorentini + Baker Bowery Bi Boot. Sigh.

I tried the boots on and I can tell you that they are made of the softest leather I have ever felt, and you just KNOW they will age beautifully to become a staple in your closet for years. Fiorentini + Baker create shoes that are “enduring, not ephemeral” and they have certainly hit their mark with the Bowery Bi boot. Not only that, these boots are super comfortable-- trust me, I’m a picky brat about comfortable shoes! You can wear these boots under a dress or tuck your jeans into them, and the width at the top can be adjusted depending on your style that day because of those fabulous buckles, which I absolutely adore.

Fiorentini + Baker Bowery Bi Boot
I haven’t even told you the coolest part yet. The Fiorentini + Baker "Bowery Bi" Boot is two boots in one!! The bottom part of the boot can detach for just an ankle boot with zip and one buckle [see right], or you can snap on the top part of the boot and-- Voila!-- you have a whole new look. However the Fiorentini + Baker peeps came up with this idea, I’m so wonderfully sold.

Although the boots are a bit pricey, especially in these not-so-fun financial times, I am finding myself scrambling to save up and buy a pair. After all, it’s all about investing in those pieces that you know will be around forever, and I can’t imagine ever falling out of love with these hot-ass boots. They are classic, with that don’t-take-me-for-granted edge. Be still my wandering heart, indeed.
Pearl C.
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