New & Hot: Madewell for ShopBop

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Madewell for ShopBop Boilersuit Romper
Madewell for ShopBop
Boilersuit Romper

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Madewell 1937, the cool younger sister of preppy staple J.Crew, has entered into a new venture with fabulously fashionable boutique The result? Now those of us who live no where near a Madewell 1937 store can snap up some of their chic, slouchy designs via ShopBop, to be delivered right to our doorsteps.

This Madewell for ShopBop capsule collection represents ShopBop's first ever full on collaboration with a fashion line, and the results are outstanding. This collection is sure to be a hit, particularly with us west coast fashionistas. Madewell is pretty hard to find out here-- LA and Las Vegas boast the only west coast locations. Ok, so Vegas isn't really "coastal," but most Californians will agree that LV feels like next door... and we definitely treat it that way.

The 7-piece Madewell for ShopBop collection includes lots of denim-- boyfriend jeans, flares, a skirt, shorts and a jacket. But, each piece feel like it's there for a reason, filling a particular place in a trend-based wardrobe. My favorite piece is the Boilersuit Romper. I'm still deciding whether I can really pull off this look, being in that awkward early-30s stage. I can picture fellow 30-somethings like Cameron, Drew and Gwyneth in this adorable dark denim romper, so I think I have a chance. The verdict is still out. But, I can't blame the romper for my insecurities... it's pitch perfect.

Ready to bring a little Madewell for ShopBop into your life? Click on the photo to link directly to where you can purchase the Boilersuit Romper, or check out the entire Madewell for ShopBop capsule collection online.