Review: Vera Wang "Look" Perfume

Thursday, February 05, 2009

--By Tina B.

Vera Wang Look Eau de Parfum
Vera Wang "Look" Perfume

$70.00 - $90.00
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I was so excited when I learned I would be the one to sample Vera Wang’s new scent Look. I went online and started reading all the articles I could find on this new scent to see what I was in for when it arrived. I have tried her Princess scent and thought it was nice, maybe a little young for me but nice. So I was really excited to read the reviews saying this would be a more mature scent and meant for a more sophisticated crowd. I couldn’t wait to smell a fragrance described as “luxurious and rich” with “complex textures and layers.”

When the bottle arrived I couldn’t wait to get the package open and smell this wonderful new fragrance. I opened the bottle, sprayed my arm, let it dry and took a deep breath. The scent is really nice. It does have a couple of obvious layers, a floral scent with a musky undertone. There is a subtle feminine quality to the scent. I like it. The problem is with all that said, I don’t think it is luxurious and rich or complex. It is more mature than Princess, but not very evocative. It was actually rather subtle. I wore it to work the following Monday to see what reactions I would get from my coworkers. The comments ranged from nice to feminine to subtle. One male coworker (after a hug and deep inhale) said it was “a great work perfume, it isn’t offensive at all, but rather pleasant.” I then wore it out on a date with a new guy, without prompting or telling him about this ‘experiment’ he told me I smelled wonderful. When asked for more details he said it was light and feminine and he really liked it because it was not over bearing.

So I think the consensus is that Vera Wang’s new Look fragrance is a great scent that is subtle and feminine. The scent is not overpowering so great for working environments, you will not overpower your coworkers and that is always a good thing. As a lawyer I do worry that my perfume is speaking louder than I am, and with this scent you don’t have to worry about that. I would suggest this fragrance, but only if you want a mature, subtle sent. The comments from friends, coworkers were all great comments, just not excited comments. I think this fragrance is a great standby scent that is good to have in your collection. A good subtle smell that will elicit good responses and not be offensive at all.
Tina B.
Tina B. is a contributing writer for Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle. Tina lives in beautiful San Diego, California, where she practices law full time. Tina's workday beauty must-haves include lip balm, MAC Studio Fix Powder, hand lotion and a nail file for emergencies.