Celebrate Spring With Shoes & Bags

Monday, March 23, 2009

--By Jules Newmark

Miz Mooz Women's Francesca Boot
Miz Mooz "Francesca" Boot

$162.40 - $179.95
Available at: endless.com

Shoes, shoes, shoes... are a girl's favorite thing right? Well if not, you're one of the select few that must be obsessed with something else, handbags or workout gear perhaps? Well I can vouch for being one of those shoe freaks that tries to justify the ever growing collection by getting rid of the shoes I only wear a few times a year for new. Oddly enough, it's that time again for my favorite seasons to come back and warmth to set in, and my credit card seems to just keep ending up in the hands of shopkeepers at shoe stores.

Rampage Destiny Clutch
Rampage Destiny Clutch

Available at: endless.com

Try Spring styles from Michael Antonio. This second session designer does shoes for under $60 and they're so cute! Not to mention strappy and sexy too! Don't feel like it's time to put away your boots just yet, there are still those cold nights and if you're somewhere like SD, random cold weeks! Check out the Miz Mooz Women’s Francesca Boot, for $179.95.

Also, of course, there are great handbags of all sizes and colors‬‪. Changing up your bag is a great way to update your wardrobe with one switch and get a whole new look! Recently, I am only carrying a clutch - why have a huge bag? When you think about it, you don't need all that extra stuff - let's cut back ladies and take it back to basics! Try the Rampage Destiny Clutch for $58.00 out for starters... I always find great new looks at Henri Bendel as well and they only make a select number - tres chic!! Happy Vernal Equinox!
Jules Newmark
Jules Newmark is a contributing writer for Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle. Jules is currently based in sun drenched San Diego, California, where she works, and works the scene, as a modeling agent. Jules's beauty must-haves include mascara by Dior, perfume by Calvin Klein, and a really good sunblock.