New & Hot: James Perse Malibu Limited Edition Tees

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

James Perse Malibu Beach Tee
James Perse Malibu Tee

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As much as I love the Bay Area-- the culture of SF, the energy of Silicon Valley-- I do get nostalgic for SoCal every once in a while. The beach culture, while not necessarily my natural habitat, has a draw that is impossible to resist. During my short time as an inhabitant of Los Angeles, I could be found at, or very near, the beach almost every day. There is a history to SoCal beach life that is just as rich and colorful as any place in the States, and perhaps even more inclusive and welcoming.

This new, Limited Edition tee line from SoCal's own James Perse celebrates the iconic beaches that make Malibu special. This line of super soft 100% cotton tees feature James Perse's Malibu Beach print on the back-- the back is shown in this picture. The line includes the short sleeve tee pictured here, plus a long-sleeve v-neck, a racer back tank and a long-sleeve jewel neck. All of the designs are available in a range of colors, from Dandelion Yellow and Rio Orange to Navy and Black. A little piece of SoCal beach life to wear around with you every day, even if you live nowhere near the beach.

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