New & Hot: Victoria's Secret Perfect One Bra

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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Victoria's Secret

When it comes to bras, it would be pretty easy to just stop innovating. We've gone from corsets to sports bras to cleavage enhancers-- what else could there be? But, Victoria's Secret never seems content to leave the bra be. VS is constantly working to improve the bra, whether it is making a more flattering fit, a more alluring shape, a more comfortable design, or a more seamless silhouette. And this time around, Victoria's Secret has decided to conquer all four wish list bra improvements in one design with their brand new Perfect One Bra.

The new Victoria's Secret Perfect One Bra-- which counts the ageless Heidi Klum as its official spokesmodel-- is designed to shape, support and smooth all at once, creating the ultimate full coverage bra for sizes 32B-38DD. This new bra comes in 11 colors, from basic black, white and beige, to icy blues and girly-girl pinks. And the design, well, it's nothing if not innovative.

The Perfect One Bra starts with three different types of foam to create a second-skin like fit by filling in the gaps between you and your bra. The edges of the cup are stretchy, to create that desirable rounded shape, and the straps are squishy to add comfort... all the way up to 38DD. Finally, the Perfect One Bra has a seamless shape, ensuring no show-through, even with spring's tissue weight tees. That's a lot of thought for one bra. To learn more about the technology behind the Perfect One Bra, check out this interview with spokesmodel Heidi Klum:

To get the full scoop on the Perfect One Bra, including where to find this new bra in store and online, check out the Victoria's Secret Perfect One Bra microsite.