Review: Lash Food Eyelash Conditioner & Stimulant

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

--By Pearl C.

Lash Food Eyelash Conditioner and Stimulant
Lash Food Eyelash Conditioner

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I was so stoked when I found out I would be reviewing Lash Food eyelash conditioner. I have been interested in lash lengthening products for a while now, but have never been able to bring myself to buy them-- most of the ones that work are on the pricey end.

So I tested the Lash Food natural eyelash conditioner, which boasts stunning results in 2-4 weeks with thicker, darker and longer lashes. Basically, the product looks like a mascara tube, and comes with a thin liner brush. You line the base of your lashes with the wand, and you can also use along your eyebrow line.

I have to mention that I’m a total cynic and don’t expect a lot of these products to work. I tried the product on both my lashes and brows, and to cut to the chase, IT WORKED! I only used the product day and night for 2 weeks, but my lashes are definitely longer and a bit thicker! It was super easy to use, and I’d highly recommend this product for people who want fast results. I also tend to have extremely sensitive and dry eyes, and Lash Food didn’t bother my eyes in the least.

I only noticed a couple drawbacks, such as when you put on liquid liner or line your lid with a pencil the product tends to dilute your makeup line. So I’d just take off the conditioner and add your liner, or maybe just use the conditioner at night. Also, the product happens to be pretty pricey at $120 a bottle, but this should last you 5 months of day/night use per the website. I think I’d be sold if it were a little cheaper, because this product REALLY does work. Perfect for us ladies born with wimpy lashes!
Pearl C.
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