Ridiculously Cheap Pima Tees at C&C California

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

C&C California Pima Cotton-Vavoom V-Neck Top
C&C Pima Vavoom Tee

$29.00 (was $48-- save 40%!)
Available at: candccalifornia.com

It's like the sale stars have aligned just right at C&C California's online store. First, they are having a special "Buy More, Save More" style sale on select Pima cotton tee shirts. On top of that, 5 of the 7 eligible styles are already marked down. C&C California's Pima cotton tees regularly go for $40 to $55 each. With this crazy sale you can score a C&C Pima tee for as little as $14.40. I kid you not. Check out this math...

First, C&C is currently running a special series of Coupon Codes that will give you progressively bigger discounts the more of C&C's Pima cotton tees you buy. Take note of these codes for future reference:

• Buy 2, save 20% - Use code PIMA20
• Buy 3, save 30% - Use code PIMA30
• Buy 4 ore more, save 40% - Use code PIMA40

Now, for the part that makes it really fun. A bunch of C&C's Pima cotton tees are already marked down. For example, the Vavoom V-Neck Tee pictured here is already marked 40% off. It's available in 5 sizes and 6 different colors-- including basic black and white. And it's not the only Pima tee already marked down. Some tees are marked as low as $24-- buy 4 and that's only $14.40 per tee!

I know you're itching to get started. Check out all of the C&C California Pima cotton tees available online now.