How To: Style a Summer Headband

Thursday, June 18, 2009

--By Kim Moshtaghi

Cara Accessories Crazy Daisy Flower Headband
Cara Accessories Headband

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Headbands are the simplest fashion accessory. They are a small and easy way to create big change for an entire hairstyle. Its many uses, the plethora of hairstyles that it creates and the wide array of available shapes, sizes and styles of the headband make it a must have accessory for this summer fashion season.

The purpose of the headband varies and is both related to its form and function. Of course they have become a staple in current fashion trends, but there are more useful reasons for wearing a headband this summer. In the summer months, none of us are free of the fear of sweat. Whether you are dealing with a fast-paced walk through the city or an outdoor mall on a hot day, a hot night dancing in the club or even during a workout, headbands are a great way to hide the sweat and prevent it from dripping in your eyes. These multi-purposes make a fashionable headband a must have this summer.

Headbands are often associated with hippie-like style. However, these flower-power inspirations have transformed and now have glam written all over them. A dramatic and sexy look can be created when wearing a headband an inch from the hair line. To finish this sexy look, simply pouf your hair behind the headband. This will not only create the dramatic and sexy look that you desire this summer, but it definitely gives ladies with no layers a little oomph in the hair department.

Headbands also vary in shape, size and style. Some come in stretchy nylon and/or polyester fabrics while others come in less malleable plastic-like materials. A more casual look can be attained with terry cloth headbands, which are great for sweat absorption. Almost all of these headbands will come in a variety of colors, sizes, textures and patterns. These varied models are making the headband a versatile hair accessory. These versatile characteristics are responsible for making the headband increasingly more present in runway shows and in the hair of models on magazine covers. Even celebrities like Brittany Snow and Eva Longoria have been sighted sporting the headband look recently. These endless options will allow you to create many summer hairstyles that suit your personal hair characteristics perfectly.

Metallic Headband Trio
Metallic Headband Trio

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For the trend followers, I have found the funkiest flower headband. It’s a thin yellow satin piece with a daisy carefully placed on the side. All of this is surrounded by fun, glitzy jewels. The flower is also surrounded by leaves with black and white dotted rhinestones. The leaves are feathery and one of them resembles a peacock feather. This Cara Accessories “Crazy Daisy” Flower Headband is punkish and very sassy, so the right look is needed to flaunt it well. Our very own contributing writer Jules Newmark would pull this headband off beautifully with her Paper Denim jeans and a white t-shirt. There are less-loud versions of this headband for those that love the flower feathery style, but would rather opt for solid colors or a less flashy look.

My next headband recommendation comes as part of a Metallic Headband Trio package. All three headbands differ in size and metallic tone. One is a dark brown, the other is in a bronze tone while the last is a shiny golden tint. These are very diverse and will go great with summer colors. The headbands are flexible and there is a strip on the inside which keeps the band in place. Take advantage of these useful features to create the perfect hair style.

This last accessory isn’t exactly a headband, but rather a hair piece. It is a simple flower on a bobby pin that can be placed anywhere. It can look good in your hair, on your clothes or anywhere you choose… get creative! I adore people who dare to wear a flower behind their ear; it’s a cheerful and carefree look. This Urban Outfitters Flower Bobby Pin would look nice if worn with a simple summer dress while out to lunch with friends on a nice patio cafĂ©.
Kim Moshtaghi
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