New & Hot: Designer Handbag Repair at Avelle

Monday, June 08, 2009

Avelle - Designer Handbag Repair Service
There are few things in fashion life as heartbreaking as when your favorite designer handbag sustains an injury. You know which handbag I'm talking about. The one that cost three paychecks. The one that's worth more than all of the furniture in your livingroom combined. That handbag. It's no wonder that you're crushed when it gets hurt.

Whether it's the pen that exploded all over the lining of your satchel on the way to work, or the idiot who spilled his entire drink down the front of your hobo, a handbag accident can be devastating. You want it fixed, but who to trust? Do you really send your $3000 Louis Vuitton to the same repair person who fixes your $300 shoes? Well, wonder no longer. Now you can get your prized handbags repaired, reconditioned and all together refurbished by handbag experts who know a thing or two about caring for well-loved designer handbags.

Avelle Refurbishment: Luxury Handbag Repair and Detailing - Louis Vuitton Handbag Repair
Louis Vuitton Handbag Repair
Problem: Interior ink stain * Service: Premium Package

Avelle (formerly known as Bag, Borrow or Steal) has just introduced Avelle Refurbishment luxury handbag repair and detailing service. With this new service your damaged, stained and worn handbags can look like brand new. The team at Avelle can remove stains, recondition leather, replace parts, reconstruct handles and much more. They have several levels of service for both the inside and outside of your luxe bags. The Basic Package is only $45 for interior and exterior cleaning, or you can get introductory savings of over 20% on the Standard Refurbishment Package.

Isn't it nice to know that there is finally someone you can totally trust to fix your favorite handbag? A weight has been lifted. You are free to carry your Gucci out to cocktails once more. Click through either picture above to check out the Avelle service.