Review: Lipstick Queen Big Bang Theory Gloss

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lipstick Queen Big Bang Theory Illusion Gloss - Expansion
Lipstick Queen Big Bang Theory Gloss

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This spring Poppy King, the makeup artist and entrepreneur best known for creating luxe lip products, added a new treat to her niche Lipstick Queen makeup line. Big Bang Theory Illusion Gloss is designed to create full lips without pain or stinging by using a well-designed ratio of shimmer and shine in place of irritating plumpers.

Poppy worked for over two months to get each shade just right, resulting in 8 colors that range from golden nude to shimmery bright red. But, Poppy's quest for perfection didn't stop at the shades-- the packaging is based on arts and crafts fabric textures and Copernicus and Nan Goldin photographs from the '80s, and the containers are designed to resemble test tubes. These designer glosses are available at luxury retailers Barney's New York, Space NK and Henri Bendel, as well as on

Ok, so Poppy King covered all the bases when it comes to making a super luxe gloss, but does Illusion Gloss live up to its promise of delivering full, perfectly hued lips? Stiletto Jungle's own Jules and Kim investigated:

Jules Newmark
Most new full lip glosses these days really aren't as full, literally, as they claim to be. Lipstick Queen Big Bang Theory Illusion Gloss designed by Poppy King comes in 8 colors and is worth the $20 cost. With her smart thinking on how small shimmery pieces make the lips seem bigger, King is revolutionizing the beauty counter at stores such as Barney's. This gloss in Expansion is not only a pretty pinkish rusty color that's gorgeous, but also super smooth and creamy!
-- Jules Newmark, San Diego, CA

Kim Moshtaghi
I wasn't that impressed with the Lipstick Queen Big Bang Theory Illusion Gloss in Energy. I felt that it was an odd color, a faded deep red. When I applied the gloss over my lipstick I didn't like how heavy it felt and looked. Plus, it wore off too quickly. I was disappointed in this lip gloss, and wouldn't buy, or recommend it.
-- Kim Moshtaghi, Del Mar, CA