Review: Urban Decay Cream Shadow Eyeshadow

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

--By Pearl C.

Urban Decay Cream Shadow Eyecolor - Midnight Rodeo
Urban Decay Cream Shadow
Midnight Rodeo

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Urban Decay has always been a favorite brand of mine. Their eye shadows are gorgeous with lots of eye-catching shimmer, and their primer potion is a must have. So, when I had the chance to test out their Urban Decay Cream Shadow, I was all about it.

I have to tell you that I am not usually a fan of cream shadows but UD swears that the shadow doesn’t crease due to their gel-based formula. The shadows come in a small tube, and have this little application stick similar to a lip gloss applicator. I just ended up putting the color on my hand and mixing it and then applying it on the lid because it gave me more control on the amount I was using.

Urban Decay Cream Shadow Eyecolor - Grass
Urban Decay Cream Shadow

Available at: icon

I tried out both the Midnight Rodeo and the Grass colors. I was most excited about Grass (a shimmery dark green) but ended up liking the Midnight Rodeo color (a champagne pink with silver glitter) the most. Grass wasn’t great on my darker skin tone but the Midnight Rodeo was so pretty! You can also mix two colors together which sounded cool but green and pink equaled yuck in my head so I nixed that idea.

The most important part was that the shadow really doesn’t crease at all. After application, it does dry pretty fast so blend quickly! I wore it all day long at work, and it still looked great when I left for the day. And I received several compliments on my eyes as well! I think some of the more neutral shades like Rehab or Whipped might make good base colors too. At $17 a tube it’s a pretty good buy as I think the tube will last you forever and they come in pretty cool colors. I suggest maybe testing some of them out first if you have the chance because some of the colors may not work with particular skin tones. I’m not completely off my powder shadows but may work this cream shadow in with my other shades.

Pearl C.
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