Summer Fashion: Stackable Bracelets

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

--By Kim Moshtaghi

Nadri Pave Bangle Bracelet
Nadri Pave Bangle Bracelet

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Stackable bracelets are awesome because you save the downtime trying to match, and instead you put them all on! Nordstrom is the perfect one-stop shop to get the matchable, stackable bracelets that will have your wrists jingling. All the bracelets I’m showcasing go together, or go well separately or with other fun bracelets in your jewelry collection.

The more the merrier when it comes to stackable bracelets, but today I have a few classics that will be nice whether you stack them with a watch, or other bracelets alike. All the selections come in both silver and gold, you choose what goes well with your skin tone and wardrobe, but mixing and matching is part of the fun!

First, I’d love introduce the Nadri PavĂ© Bangle Bracelet. It’s a thick bangle with two rows of tiny crystals creating a sparkly bracelet that goes with absolutely everything! The bracelet will not be lost with its reliable spring lock closure, and the brass plated base metal prevents it from tarnishing. This can be a seductively sexy bracelet by itself, and with others it will take the leading role.

Nordstrom Matte Bangles
Nordstrom Matte Bangle Bracelets

$48.00 (set of 12)
Available at: nordstrom.comicon

Next up is an architecturally designed bangle bracelet that is an uneven shape, sort of like a wave. The Simon Sebbag Organic Wave Bangle Bracelet has a smooth surface, which gives it a nice shiny surface. This piece is sterling silver, so make sure you have a good silver cleaning cloth handy and some silver cleaner to keep the shine up!

Before I get to the end, I have to showcase Kate Spade’s ‘Junebug’ bangle. I mean seriously, I’m obsessed with the snail bangle. There are three different kinds of bangles: ladybug, snail and a toad. They’re absolutely adorable and add a speck of color and a bug to the wrist! This may be a childish bangle for some, but I think it’s all in how you flaunt it. Plus, we are all children of the Earth.

Lastly, I found the most stackable bracelets of all! A set of twelve Nordstrom Matte Bangles are great for those who literally love to stack by the numbers. These bangles are thin bracelets that shine and sparkle, giving off a gypsy-ish persona when worn all at once. But, don’t hesitate to wear in combination with any other bangles mentioned above. It’s summer: time for less clothes, and more accessories!
Kim Moshtaghi
Kim Moshtaghi is a contributing writer for Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle. Born in Germany, Kim is currently based in sunny Del Mar, California, where she also serves as Stiletto Jungle's Director of Sales and Promotions. Kim has a communications degree, a third degree black belt, and a totally covetable Gucci handbag collection.