FOUND: Halle Berry's Zipper Handbag

Monday, August 17, 2009

JJ Winters Zipper Bag in Black as seen on Halle Berry
JJ Winters Zipper Bag

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The fashion world creates strange and unexpected trends sometimes. Who would have thought that zippers-- that functional detail that keeps your clothing on nice and snug-- would be the fashion detail du jour? But, here it is, the year of the zipper... and it's great and a ton of fun. From exposed, oversized zippers on dresses, to zip-leg moto-style jeans, to zippers as a purely decorative detail. The zipper is everywhere.

The everywhere zipper trend was recently spotted on super star actress Halle Berry. She was caught carrying an all-over zipper detail handbag. This casual handbag is a stand out accessory, making an otherwise plain-Jane outfit look into a trendy weekend ensemble. It's amazing what the right accessory can do.

Want to steal Halle Berry's zipper handbag look for yourself? She's carrying the very popular JJ Winters Zipper Bag. This best selling handbag has also been spotted on Vanessa Hudgens in brown suede, but I think Halle's black-with-silver-zippers version is the best looking of the two. It would be a perfect addition to a handbag wardrobe that's in need of a punk-ish injection.

Click on the photo to link to where you can purchase the JJ Winters Zipper Bag, as seen on Halle Berry, online.