New & Hot: Banana Repubic Vivica Equestrian Boot

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Women: Vivica equestrian flat boot - Black
Banana Republic Vivica Boot

Available at:

Since I'm all in a classic fall fashion frame of mind today... on to another of my top 10 classic fall must-haves: the equestrian boot. A flat-- or semi-flat-- equestrian boot always looks right as the first cool days of fall roll in. An equestrian boot looks great with skinny jeans or thick leggings, but you can also go funky with knee-high socks and slouchy shorts or a skirt. So fun.

I just ran across these Vivica Equestrian Boots in the new arrivals section at Not only are they a very classic shape, devoid of the crazy bells and whistles that can totally ruin a nice pair of equestrian boots, but these boots are also very nicely priced. A mere $198 for leather boots is truly reasonable and perfect for any of you ladies who aren't quite ready to throw down for a true investment-worthy pair of classic equestrian boots. Try on the look with this fabulous Banana Republic find, and save the investment decisions for your bank account.

Click on the photo to link directly to where you can purchase the Banana Republic Vivica Equestrian Boot, in both Brown and Black leather, online.