New & Hot: Hanna G Boyfriend Blazer

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hanna G Boyfriend Blazer
Hanna G Boyfriend Blazer

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Continuing on with the trend of all things "boyfriend," the boyfriend blazer is positioned to be one of the true must-haves for early fall. But, like any other super trendy trend, it can be a little painful to contemplate throwing down for the designer version of the boyfriend blazer. Sure, an oversized, androgynous jacket looks cool for fall 2009, but is this really a look that will stand the test of time? Doubtful. What we all need is an affordable version of this hot trend that doesn't sacrifice good looks and solid construction just for a pretty price.

I think this Hanna G Boyfriend Blazer is the affordable, yet trendy version of the boyfriend jacket that we've all been looking for. This menswear inspired blazer is updated for 2009 with a slouchy style and ruched sleeves for that artfully pushed-up-sleeve look that can be spotted in the glossies, but without all of the effort of constantly pushing up said sleeves. I kind of love that, even though it feels like cheating just a little bit.

Sure, $118 is hardly wear-it-twice-and-throw-away pricing, but jackets are one thing that you can't fake with a knock-off from a cheapie store. They never hang right. This Hanna G Blazer balances affordability with decent fit and crisp poly/viscose rayon/wool blend construction. I'd call that a fashion score.

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