SALE: Oh...Deer! Mocha Lacquered Cork Pump

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh...Deer! Mocha Lacquered Cork Pump
Oh...Deer! Mocha Lacquered Cork Pump

$49.50 (was $165-- save 70%!)
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I am a big believer in shopping signs. That only-one-left blouse that just happens to be in your size. The misplaced pair of jeans that jump out in front of you, practically begging to be brought home. That totally stand-out pair of shoes that you've had your eye on for months, suddenly on super sale...

Yes, I've been stalking these Oh...Deer! Mocha Lacquered Cork Pumps since they debuted months ago. They are just so unique and chic that it's hard not to take a second look, whether you've spotted them online or in store (I've stalked them in both locations). These classically shaped pumps feature real lacquered cork upper tipped with either black or white accent.

While I admit that the white tipped version is a little more sleek, I've fallen for the black tipped pair. I think the black accent paired with the cork upper makes for a real neutral, yet fashion-forward, pump that can be paired with many things in your wardrobe. Yes, I finally bought my pair of these stalk-worthy pumps... I can't wait to wear them!

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