Fall Fashion: The Super High Heel

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I'll be the first to admit that my fashion sense is not particularly aligned with mainstream America. But, most of the time, I don't think that my tastes fall way outside of the range of normal. Perhaps I've been running with the fashion crowd too long.

Recently I was browsing the new posts at Corporette, a great blog that focuses on the fashion needs of women who work in more traditionally conservative professional offices. Although I no longer actively practice law, I still find the need to bond with my fellow attorneys every once in a while... even if it's just to gloat over the fact that I'm no longer bound by rigid work dress codes. Well, I ended up getting caught up in a conversation about the appropriate heel height for work. I offered that I used to max out at around 3" heels when I was in attorney mode, but now that I work in a creative field I've been known to rock tasteful 6" heels at work. I never expected the reaction that comment prompted.

I was practically vilified for wearing "stripper" shoes in a work environment. Seriously, "stripper" shoes? My fave YSL pumps and I were both offended, in equal measure. Just because 6" shoes are not appropriate for a conservative office doesn't automatically mean that they are "stripper" shoes. There's a time and place for all fashion and, in my world, a tasteful 5.5-6" shoe paired with long trousers and a ladylike blouse works just fine.

Seems that the high fashion powers that be agree with me. The super high heel that debuted last season is hot again for fall, and there's not a stripper-appropriate style in sight. A few words of caution about properly rocking a super high heel. First, if you can't walk in them gracefully, don't wear them. It's a waste and you'll just be miserable. Second, you can't go cheap with a super high heel. Cheap flats can look cute; cheap super high heels tend to just look cheap. That being said, check out some of my favorite super high heels... and please wear responsibly.