New & Hot: Hunter Back-Zip Leather Riding Boot

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hunter Back-Zip Riding Boots

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Hunter Wellington Boots are a true classic. Originally designed in 1856 for the rough terrain and unpredictable weather of Scotland, Hunter boots are now a favorite of the city girl as well as the guy working out in the nasty weather. Funny how we fashionistas appropriate at will.

Just when we're all settled into the idea of slipping on our Hunter boots to splish-splash on a rainy day, or brave the muddy pit at our music festival of choice, Hunter throws a much different option our way. Hunter boots go dressy in leather! I just ran across an ahh-mazing pair of leather Hunter Back-Zip Riding Boots. I'd never seen Hunter boots in leather before, and then to see these gorgeous boots. I did a huge double take. These boots are delish-- all rich leather and simple details, plus a knock-out back-zip that is as much decorative as functional.

These boots are perfect for this fall, and will hold up for at least a few falls to come. I don't usually have a lot of faith in classic labels branching out from the single item that put them on the map, particularly when a label has been doing that one thing so right for over 100 years. But, if these boots are any indication of Hunter's ability to turn out a dressy boot, I have faith that this move into leather will serve Hunter well.

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