E.K. Asks: Shoes for "Hobbit Feet"?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My feet are hobbit feet – short and wide. One foot measures-in at 4.5, the other at 5 (at least they did the last time I had them measured around 6 years ago). But they’re wide, so I’ve adapted to wearing size 6 shoes to accommodate the girth and to give my feet an extra half-size to wiggle around in the shoe.

They just don’t make shoes that are 5-wides. You get up into the size 9s and 10s and you can find wide widths, but not for the smaller sizes. Well, let me qualify that… I could get orthopedic shoes or other granny-type shoes in a 5-wide, maybe, but those are just plain ugly. I may have the temperament of a crotchety granny, I may have the viewpoints shared by grannies alike, I may drive like a granny, but really, do I need to dress like one too?

-- E.K.

Dearest E.K.,

Don't despair. Granny shoes are so not necessary. Yes, it can be hard to locate cute shoes that are suitable for small yet wide feet, but it's not impossible. In fact, some labels-- like Stuart Weitzman-- specialize in fabulous shoes for hard-to-fit feet, and the online store Endless.com stocks a ton of special sizes. I've rounded up a nice selection of certifiably fabulous shoes for both work and play. They are fun and fashionable... and every pair is available in size 5W. Happy Shopping!


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