New MTV Reality Show Follows Celeb Stylists

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

--By Jules Newmark

How is your style lately? With all the shows and stylists in the world really getting out there and exposing all their talents I would hope it's amazing, or at least not raring the ugly teeth of the '90s! You better believe that MTV has their finger on the cool dial as they are launching a new reality show called "STYL'D" which will premiere on Sunday, November 1st at 10pm ET/PT.

The synopsis? Well it's a "reality" whatever that means, five junior stylists will work for a series of senior stylists for the Margaret Maldonado Agency to hopefully gain a position at the big agency themselves. The young stylists are set to work on stars such as Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie and Ashley Tisdale while backstabbing fellow co-workers when needed and delving into the personal lives of the five stylists.

One of Maldonado's top stylists, Jen Rade, plays herself on the show and shows the minions a thing or two with her extensive experience - other stylists are Eric Archibald and Julie Weiss...I'm excited to see the relationship between the frustrated stylists in the industry with loads of experience coming eye-to-eye with the know-it-all junior stylists who are sure to be opinionated and ready to share! The cast on the junior side is Gary, Tara, Janna, Brett and Cody - nice to see some guys in there, I'm sure it will be the cause of one or two male vs. female battles! Check out this clip of the show for a sneak peak:

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Jules Newmark
Jules Newmark is a contributing writer for Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle. Jules is currently based in sun drenched San Diego, California, where she works, and works the scene, as a modeling agent. Jules's beauty must-haves include mascara by Dior, perfume by Calvin Klein, and a really good sunblock.