FOUND: Jessica Szohr's Skinny Grey Jeans

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jessica Szohr wearing Anoname Jeans
Anoname Paris Skinny Jean

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I know, I know. There are a lot of people who are counting the moments until the skinny jean goes away. I remember when the skinny jean really burst onto the scene about three years ago. Event the most in-the-know fashionistas were convinced that it was a passing fad. Then it stuck around for another season. And another season. And here we are, still talking about the skinny as a wardrobe must have. Face it. The skinny jean isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Within the skinny jean genre there are definitely some stand out styles that rise to the top, and the grey skinny jean is at the tippity top. Grey skinnies go with a huge range of top options and can feel dressy, yet they are less polished than dark skinnies, which gives off a more rocker vibe. This versatility was recently showcased by Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr, who wore grey skinnies to the American Eagle Outfitters Times Square Flagship Store Grand Opening Party. Doesn't she look fabulous? I'm totally inspired by this grey on grey on grey ensemble. Love it.

Want to steal Jessica Szohr's skinny grey jeans style for yourself? She's wearing Anoname Jeans Paris Skinny Jean in Ash. I won't even touch the fact that Jessica wore Anoname Jeans to an American Eagle event. Probably not the most gracious move from the PR perspective, but the jeans Jessica chose are stunning and a great style choice.

Click on the photo to link directly to where you can purchase the Anoname Jeans Paris Skinny Jean in Ash, as seen on Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr, online.