FOUND: Kim Kardashian's Croc Clutch

Monday, November 16, 2009

Kim Kardashian carrying Adriana Castro
Adriana Castro Modish Clutch

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Picking the perfect party purse can be difficult. Size, shape, color and overall vibe all factor in to the decision. A ho-hum party purse is nothing more than a convenient way to schlep the cash-lip gloss-keys-Blackberry. But, a well-selected party purse can add to an ensemble, or even become the main attraction. C'mon, how many of us haven't dressed around that one killer accessory we were dying to pull out of cold storage?

Reality star Kim Kardashian recently opted for the outfit-making accessory route. Check out this pic of Kim at Britney Gastineau's birthday party. In a low-key charcoal mini dress paired with black tights, it was Kim's gorgeous oversized clutch that stole the show. Timeless, chic, and completely luxe-- this accessory totally deserved to be the fashionable focal point.

Want to steal Kim Kardashian's luxe croc clutch look for yourself? It will cost you... Kim's toting the Crocodile Modish Clutch from high-end handbag designer Adriana Castro. Available in Black, Gold, Purple, Unbleach (off-white), and Cognac, and crafted from lush Caiman fuscus crocodile with suede lining, this gorgeous clutch will set you back $1530. Consider it an investment in timeless style.

Click on the photo to link directly to where you can purchase the Adriana Castro Crocodile Modish Clutch online.