How To: Wash Cashmere Clothing

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm a cashmere freak. I'll totally own up to it. I have over 20 cashmere sweaters in all shapes and colors, and I wear cashmere at least a couple times a week all fall and winter long. It's just so soft and warm and cozy! I can't get enough.

But, cashmere has its down side. If you get the good stuff-- and you really should, because it's a whole different experience-- cashmere is pricey. And it's notoriously hard to care for. The thought of hand washing a $300+ sweater is enough to freak anyone out. And dry cleaning chemicals can make cashmere stiff and very un-cashmere like. But, there's hope. I ran across this helpful video on how to wash cashmere and how to store cashmere properly. It's hosted by stylist and Jones New York spokesman Lloyd Boston, who makes caring for cashmere sound oh-so-easy. I'm not convinced it's that easy, but these tips and visuals are helpful. Check it out: