Uniqlo HeatTech Clothing: Buy It Online!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Uniqlo HeatTech
Update 1/5/13: Late 2012 Uniqlo introduced online shopping in the US! Uniqlo fashions, including the full line of Heattech products, are now available for online purchase.

I hate being cold. Even more so that your average California girl, I am practically paralyzed by cold weather. And by "cold" I mean anything under 65 degrees. No joke. And, as luck would have it, in just the past couple years I've managed to hit up NYC, Boston, Chicago and Minneapolis during winter. Bad news. The minute the temperature dips below freezing I stop caring what I look like. I layer ski clothes under wool. I wear caps and mufflers and ear muffs and I double up on gloves. It's pathetic and not cute.

Do you suffer from a similar not-so-cute cold weather clothing issue? Well, suffer no more. Let me introduce you to Uniqlo HeatTech clothing. You are going to love this.

First, some background. The cult favorite Japan-based Uniqlo label is at that difficult stage that Top Shop was at maybe eight years ago. World travelling fashionistas know Uniqlo well-- their affordable, fashion-forward styles are available throughout Asia's most fashionable cities and in select European locales. Fashion glossies feature Uniqlo's fab finds in nearly every issue. But, the one and only US store is in NYC's SOHO neighborhood... and Uniqlo does not have a US web store. So, unless you are traveling abroad or plan to hit up the Uniqlo SOHO store, um, no Uniqlo for you.

All of which brings me back to HeatTech-- Uniqlo's proprietary fashionable cold weather wear. Don't worry, this story has a happy ending. Stick with me.

Uniqlo HeatTech is a line of underlayers-- like turtlenecks, camisoles, leggings and tees-- that are made from a special fabric that is designed to create and retain warmth in even the coldest environments. Everyone I've heard who has tried HeatTech has fallen instantly in love with this cold-slaying gear. Sounds like something you'd find in a camping store, right? Well, that's what makes Uniqlo HeatTech so special-- it's fashionable! HeatTech comes in gorgeous colors and fashionable shapes that you want to wear. Check out this stylish advertisement from Uniqlo UK:

No longer do we have to wear ugly, cumbersome layers to stay warm in super cold environments. And, it gets better. Uniqlo HeatTech pieces are all available for under $15 and, unlike the rest of Uniqlo's clothing, are available online for a very limited time only. Seriously, if you live in or plan to visit a cold weather area, and you want to retain your fashionista style while staying cozy warm, you need Uniqlo HeatTech. Love it!