FOUND: Stephanie Pratt's Denim Leggings

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stephanie Pratt wearing Charley 5.0 Skinny Mini Denim Leggings
Charley 5.0 Denim Leggings

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I've been going back and forth about denim leggings. On one hand, leggings are super comfortable and denim goes with just about everything. It should be perfect fit. On the other hand... well... denim leggings? It does seem like one of those fashion fads that people follow blindly, only to figure out years later that they were, in fact, a slave to fashion in the worst possible way. I'm not going to pretend that I have a solution to the dilemma, but I do have a example of how one might actually pull off this questionable trend.

The Hills reality starlet Stephanie Pratt was recently snapped wearing a denim legging-based ensemble that was actually really cute and casual. I'm still not convinced that denim leggings are a trend that will last-- or that we won't be completely embarrassed for following a few years from now-- but I can now see the merits of this new take on denim. I might have to snap up a pair of denim leggings for myself to see what I can do with this trend.

Want to steal Stephanie Pratt's denim leggings style for yourself? She's wearing the Charley 5.0 Skinny Mini Denim Leggings in Indigo. These super on-trend leggings are also available in black wash Eclipse. Both washes are available online at The Hip Chick-- click through the picture above to link directly to where you can purchase or see more views, and then judge for yourself.