New & Hot: Jil Sander Ercole Wool Trousers

Monday, December 07, 2009

Jil Sander Ercole Wool Tailored Trousers
Jil Sander Ercole Trousers

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If you are like most women, I'm sure you are thinking "the last thing I need is another pair of black pants." That's fair. I know how that works. We've all been there. And, the price tag is a little scary at first sight. But, I think these pants are worth a second look.

The Jil Sander Ercole Wool Trouser is a new arrival to online boutique Net-a-Porter, my personal kryptonite store (don't get me started). These new Jil Sander trousers are a near perfect specimen of the hottest pant silhouette in fashionista-land. They are long, super slim, mid-rise and exquisitely tailored. These pants would be great for a work environment that requires semi-dressy attire, but falls short of suiting-only. Also, thanks to the fashion-forward fit, these trousers can do double duty as your new favorite night out black pants. That kind of versatility, coupled with the classic line, means that these pants will get lots of use... perfect for lowering that cost-per-wear justification-- um-- I mean calculation.

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