New & Hot: Puma for American Eagle Outfitters

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fashion label collaborations are becoming pretty standard these days. A favorite high-end designer may collaborate with the local discount store, or a more avant guard designer might collaborate with a mainstream label, or a streetwear label may hook up with a mall staple store. The creativity of the combinations always amaze me, and tend to result in designs that offer a fresh perspective on one or both of the collaborators. This new collaboration I stumbled across may not be the most "out there" combination of labels, but the result is fun and fresh nonetheless.

Puma for American Eagle Outfitters melds a sporty European athletic label with an all-American young adult mall outlet-- the result was almost guaranteed to be unique. And unique it is. The shoes found in this limited time collaboration take the classic Puma look and turn up the volume with sassy color and texture combinations. These shoes are perfect for kicking around on the weekend. Check out all of the new Puma for American Eagle Outfitters sneakers: