New & Hot: CitySlips Foldable Ballet Slippers

Thursday, February 18, 2010

CitySlips Foldable Ballet Slippers

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I'm a sucker for 5-inch heels. There's something about the height-- I hit 6'1" in my tallest pumps-- and the high-fashion look that keeps me coming back, despite the fact that super high heels are hardly high-efficiency footwear. Impractical shoes are my (very expensive) drug of choice.

Wearing very high heels means planning ahead. A pair of flip-flops have a permanent home in my car because driving well with a 5-inch spike protruding from your heel is nearly impossible. If I'm going to be walking more than 7 or 8 city blocks, I've got to carry the really big handbag so I can stash flats in the bottom. And, let me tell you, I love the feeling of throwing expensive heels into the bottom of an even more expensive purse. Ouch.

But, I just discovered a product that will save my feet, my purse and my precious heels! CitySlips are patent-pending, foldable ballet flats that come in a compact carrying case that fits neatly into a normal-sized day handbag. And, get this, the carrying case unfurls into a tote bag to carry your heels home in. Brilliant. Really.

CitySlips-- and their party-purse appropriate sister shoes Aftersoles-- are the creation of Susie Levitt and Katie Shea. As 22-year-old NYU students, Susie and Katie found that classes, internships, and NYC nightlife led to painful arches. When they couldn't find an "emergency footwear" product that was just right, they decided to manufacture their own. Gotta love a resourceful fashionista.

CitySlips are a definite must-have for any super high heel lover. Pick yours up in Black, Silver or Gold at Click on either photo for more information and to purchase online.