New & Hot: Foley + Corinna Disco City Tote in Stingray

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Foley + Corinna Disco City Tote in Stingray
Foley + Corinna Disco City Tote

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It's no secret that I love Foley + Corinna handbags. I've written about just about all of the popular styles, and have purchased some of my own. But, I haven't really felt inspired to write about Foley + Corinna lately. It's not that I no longer love the label, because I certainly do. It's just that Foley + Corinna tends to recycle their best-loved designs season after season, simply adding new leather or fabric colors. Still fabulous, just not really worth writing about. But, this new Foley + Corinna find is worth a second look.

The brand new Foley + Corinna Disco City Tote in Stingray melds a new color with a new texture to create a fresh spin on my all-time favorite F + C silhouette. The stingray-embossed leather is a stunning, sumptuous texture and the golden beige color just adds to the richness of the look. I'm totally in love.

Fair warning, ladies, the term "tote" is kind of misleading: this "tote" is really a clutch. Keep in mind that this is the smaller sized version of this Foley + Corinna design-- the measurements are 8.5" wide by 9.25" high, with a 22" drop. But, with a texture and color this gorgeous, I'll get over the fact that I can't carry my usual pile of daily "necessities."

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