Splurge: Alexander Wang Sweatshirt Top

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Alexander Wang Sweatshirt Top with Crossover Back
Alexander Wang Sweatshirt Top

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I know what you're thinking. $350 for a sweatshirt? Yes, it's a steep price for a fleece sweatshirt, even one boasting the Alexander Wang label. But, this picture really doesn't do this particular sweatshirt justice. Click through and take a look at this straight-off-the-runway fleecy wonder from multiple angles.

The back is a crossover design that creates a triangle peekaboo cut out that is just high enough to accommodate a bra. The unique, almost sculptural back also makes for an interesting side view. The way the back part of the sleeve must sweep backwards to create the crossover creates a kimono-like silhouette from the side. And, all of this fashion-forward design is masked by a simple crew neck front. Trust me, when you take a good long look at this well-crafted top, you'll understand why I say that the $350 Alexander Wang Sweatshirt Top is totally worth the splurge.

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