New & Hot: Juicy Couture Wish Bunny Necklace

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Juicy Couture Wish Bunny Necklace
Juicy Couture Wish Bunny Necklace

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I've never given much thought to Easter-inspired fashion. And by that, I mean that I didn't realize that Easter-inspired fashion for people over the age of 11 even existed. But, today I got a little note from the team at Juicy Couture about their "guiltless gift ideas" for Easter-- all the sweet, none of the calories. I have to admit, they were really adorable. So, I thought I'd share.

My favorite is the Juicy Couture Wish Bunny Necklace pictured here. This necklace is crafted from 14k gold plated brass with glass accents that create a sparkly eye effect. While the bunny motif is perfect for Easter gifting, I think the bunny really has come to be a kind of universal sign of spring and would work just as well as a whimsical addition to any warm-weather outfit.

If charm bracelets are more your thing, the Juicy Couture Chocolate Bunny Charm is so cute that I actually do want to eat it. Somehow they've managed to make this charm look exactly like a chocolate bunny, which is insanely adorable.

So, if you happen to be into non-edible Easter treats, I highly suggest checking out the goodies from Juicy Couture. So adorable. Click on either photo or linked text to link directly to where you can purchase that item online.