Steal: BB Dakota Potter Faux Fur Vest

Thursday, March 04, 2010

BB Dakota Potter Faux Fur Vest
BB Dakota Potter Vest

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The faux fur vest has been a huge wardrobe must-have since early fall. The look is luxe, yet laid back, and eco-conscious. But, even faux fur comes at a high price. If you're hoping for faux fur that doesn't look like you stole it from an overgrown Barbie doll, then you've got to be prepared to fork over the cash. Some of fall's most coveted faux fur vests cost hundreds of dollars. Yes, a good faux fur vest is arguably worth the investment, but wouldn't it be nice to find a more reasonably priced version?

This new Potter Faux Fur Vest from BB Dakota creates that high-end faux fur look, but at an incredibly low price. This acrylic / modacrylic blend has a just-realistic-enough look to keep this vest looking classy and suitable for grown ups. Pair it with long, wide jeans for a luxe-boho Rachel Zoe style. Layer it over a slim cashmere turtleneck and pull on riding boots for an upscale, walking-in-Aspen look. Matched with a slouchy long-sleeved tee and skinny jeans you could pull off a Euro street-chic vibe. Really, there are more possibilities than you would think about at first glance. And, at a mere $65, the cost per wear is insanely low. This is definitely my favorite "steal" find in quite a while.

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