Best Seller: 7 For All Mankind Straight Leg in White

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

7 For All Mankind Straight Leg in Clean White
7 For All Mankind Straight Leg

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Depending on your dexterity and general fearlessness, white jeans are either the epitome of summer dressing or the bane of your existence. Personally, I'm teetering. I love the look of white jeans... as long as I don't have to sit down, or eat, or maneuver through crowds.

But, I must be in the minority, because the best selling womens jeans at the 7 For All Mankind online store right now are a pair of straight leg white jeans. No joke. The best selling pair of 7 For All Mankind jeans are white straight legs. Brave fashionistas everywhere must be seriously craving spring, because there are a lot of other Sevens to choose from in much more forgiving colors.

The 7 For All Mankind Straight Leg in White is made from a standard cotton/ polyurethane blend and features the iconic Seven squiggle on the back pocket in a white-on-white color scheme, along with a pale grey logo tag. This jean is available in sizes 24 to 32, and all sizes are currently in stock.

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