Splurge: Rick Owens Wedge Clogs

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rick Owens Wedge Clogs

Available at: ssense.com

Finally, a pair of clogs I can believe in!

Yes, I've heard all the rumors-- clogs, and their clog-like progeny, are all the rage for Spring '10. Ick. How did that happen? Somewhere there's a crazy influential designer laughing... and the joke's on all of us. Generally speaking, clogs are ugly and heavy and retro in all the wrong ways. I just can't stand the idea. But, I have recently discovered, a clog in the right hands can be a work of art. A really pricey work of art.

I recently ran across these Rick Owens Wedge Clogs. Argh. These shoes are like little sculptures for your feet. I feel like these shoes belong in a museum, on a shiny white pedestal with a spotlight trained on them. The slope of the heel combined with the slight rise in the toe give the illusion that these wedge clogs are in motion, even when standing still. The seamed front creates a look that vaguely reminds me of souvenir wooden clogs that you'd bring home from the Netherlands. And the leather... the unbroken expanse from the bottom of the wedge to the top of the shoe is striking. Ok, I give in. There is at least one pair of clogs I'd gladly wear. Rick Owens, you've got me beat.

Click on the photo to link directly to where you can splurge on the Rick Owens Wedge Clogs online.