Hello! Skinny Jeans: Oprah's Favorite Found

Monday, June 28, 2010

hello! Skinny Jeans BlackOut Couture Cut
Hello! Skinny Jeans Couture Cut

Available at: boutiquetoyou.com

Hello! Skinny Jeans are the hottest new thing in shopping right now. Why? Because when Oprah speaks, everyone listens. And Oprah says Hello! Skinny Jeans are the real deal.

What is it about Oprah's picks that sets the shoppers on fire? I have a theory, which basically boils down to this: if a woman who can afford absolutely anything picks a product as a favorite, it must actually be good. I mean really, does Oprah Winfrey need to accept endorsement dollars? Or would she ever risk soiling her personal brand by suggesting a product that is anything less than fabulous? See, the magical "Oprah effect" does kind of make sense.

Oprah's most recent fashion endorsement is for Hello! Skinny Jeans-- a new-ish brand of jeans that actually claim to make you look skinny. No, they aren't all skinny-fit jeans (yes, I thought that for a while too). They are actually a narrow range of jean styles ("barely bootcut" and "couture cut") that are designed to make you look skinny. Seeing is believing... they've got side-by-side comparisons with well-know denim labels on their website. After seeing the pics, I'm ready to pick up a pair myself. The fact that these alleged miracle-producing jeans cost about $100 less than my normal favorites is just icing on the cake.

Ready to try out Oprah's new favorite jeans for yourself? Click on the photo to link directly to where you can purchase Hello! Skinny Jeans BlackOut Couture Cut Jeans online, or browse all of the Hello! Skinny Jeans available for sale online.