FOUND: Julia Roberts's Eat Pray Love Earrings

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love wearing Me and Ro Gold Cloud Earrings
Me&Ro Gold Cloud Earrings

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The much anticipated debut of Julia Roberts's newest movie Eat Pray Love, which is based on the bestselling novel, is this Friday. While most movie-goers are simply excited to see the movie at this point, I'm sure it won't take long for movie watchers to become interested in the clothing and accessories Julia wears throughout this lush, beautifully-filmed movie.

As you'd expect, a movie that counts exotic locations like Bali and Italy as a major part of the story line has equally gorgeous clothing and accessories to complement the natural beauty of the locations. We've got a sneak preview of some of the accessories from jewelry line Me&Ro-- earrings and bracelets, to be exact-- that Julia Roberts wears throughout the movie. According to the company, Julia has also personally been a long time fan of Me&Ro, a line renowned for its stackable rings, hammered bangles, personal amulets, and hoops of all sizes.

In the Eat Pray Love screen still here, Julia Roberts is wearing Me&Ro Gold Cloud Hoops earrings. These 10K gold medium hoop earrings are engraved with a cloud motif, which is meant to symbolize "the celestial realm where the union of compassion and wisdom brings forth the ultimate realization of one's true nature." They are available at the Me&Ro online store for $735.

If the gold Eat Pray Love earrings aren't your thing, check out these other Me&Ro earrings and bracelets worn by Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love:

Me&Ro Sterling Silver Engraved Hoops - $160.
Me&Ro Sterling Silver Double Hammered Disc Drop Earrings - $120.
Me&Ro Sterling Silver Flattened Bangles (set of 7) - $805.
Me&Ro Men's Sterling Silver Courage Bead Bracelet on Red Cord (worn by James Franco) - $95.

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