Halloween Costume Couture by Simon Doonan at Target

Monday, September 27, 2010

Barney's creative director Simon Doonan is known for his creative, eccentric, playful take on fashion and beauty. What better place to showcase Simon's truly unique way of looking at dressing than on the day set aside for "dressing up" -- Halloween!

Simon Doonan has partnered with Target for a line of witty, fashion-inspired, quirky Halloween costumes for women, men, kids and even canines. The Simon Doonan for Target Halloween Costume Couture line is fun the way Halloween is meant to be. There are no lingerie-masquerading-as-costume looks, and no too-serious costumes that look like they were stolen from a high-end stage production. Nope, these costumes are old school cheapie Halloween fun with a Simon Doonan twist.

Simon Doonan Halloween Costume CoutureCostume Couture by Simon Doonan - A-List Celebrity Costume Couture by Simon Doonan - Candace CornCostume Couture by Simon Doonan - Glamour GhostCostume Couture by Simon Doonan - Spaghetti

These Simon Doonan Costume Couture kits feature multi-piece Halloween costumes that are crafted from primarily polyester-- just like the old school costumes you relied on in grade school. But, the looks are 100% Simon Doonan thanks to tongue-in-cheek references to the worlds of fashion and celebrity and eccentric plays on color and proportion. I love how fun and kitschy these Simon Doonan Halloween costumes are. I think I might snag the kids' Candace Corn costume for myself. It's so quirky and light hearted-- everything Halloween should be.

Click on any photo to link to where you can snag that Simon Doonan Halloween Costume Couture costume online, or check out all of the Simon Doonan costumes available.