Tucker for Target: 5 Must-Buy Pieces

Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm not exaggerating in the least when I say that the new Tucker for Target line is the best Target Go International designer collaboration yet.

I've happily purchased items from most of the Go International lines, but I've always felt as though the designers were holding back. Like they were purposefully altering their design aesthetic enough that owners of the "real thing" would never feel as though the "for Target" version was a cheaply made replica of their pricey originals. It makes sense -- don't want to dilute the value the label and all. But this couldn't be further from the truth with Tucker for Target. Evidently Tucker designer Gabby Basora didn't get the memo on the designer Go International M.O.

I own a couple of the "real thing" Tucker signature blouses, which are crafted from 100% silk and cost $276 each. I can safely say that the Tucker for Target 100% poly versions are spot on replicas of the Tucker signature blouse... at $29.99. No joke. It's the exact same design and exact same fit, just a different fabric. And, fabric feel aside, polyester does an amazing job of mimicking the look and drape of silk. I was blown away. I ended up buying 4 Tucker for Target Signature Blouses (plus one more fabulous find):

Tucket for Target
Tucker for Target Signature Blouse in Floral PrintTucker for Target Signature Blouse in CreamTucker for Target Fleece Top in GrayTucker for Target Signature Blouse in NavyTucker for Target Signature Blouse in Painted-Flowers Print

If you haven't snagged a Tucker for Target blouse yet, I'd jump on it quick. The word is out about this amazing line and the Tucker for Target Signature Blouses in particular are selling like hotcakes -- many color and patterns are already sold out. Plus, the Fleece Top in Gray is completely fabulous. It feels like a sweatshirt, looks like tweed, and fits like a dream. I highly recommend it.

To check out my picks for the 5 must-buy Tucker for Target items, click on the individual photos above, or click below:

  1. Signature Blouse in Floral Print - $29.99

  2. Signature Blouse in Cream - $29.99

  3. Fleece Top in Gray - $24.99

  4. Signature Blouse in Navy - $29.99

  5. Signature Blouse in Painted-Flowers Print - $29.99

You can view the entire Tucker for Target line at Target.com.