Steal: Fresh Sugar Rush Set $28

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fresh Sugar Rush Set

When it comes to lip balm, it's pretty hard to top Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. It repairs chapped lips in a hurry and feels rich, but not sticky or thick. I have it on right now. It's addictive. It's also $22.50 a tube. Granted, a tube lasts quite a while, but still.

Now, for just $5.50 more than a tube of Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, you can score a full size Sugar Lip Treatment PLUS a 3.4 ounce Fresh Brown Sugar Body Cream and a deluxe trial size of Fresh Brown Sugar Eau de Parfum with this Fresh Sugar Rush Set. Let me put this in perspective. A full size 6.8 ounce Brown Sugar Body Cream sells for $35, so you're getting $17.50 worth of body cream alone, not counting the Eau de Parfum. I hate to get all math nerd on you, but the Fresh Sugar Rush Set is really a huge steal.

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