Steal: Dr. Martens Vivana Boot $120

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Dr. Martens Vivana Boot
I am a product of the '90s. I started high school in 1991 and graduated from college in 2000... and I took part in every crazy fashion trend in between. To me, Dr. Martens will always conjure up images of worn out plaid over a baby tee, paired with slouchy jeans (while attempting to simultaneously listen to Nirvana and watch Reality Bites). So, imagine my surprise when I ran across these super new Dr. Martens boots in the Nordstrom new arrivals section.

The Dr. Martens Vivana Boot is so of-the-moment that I would have never guessed that it's from the same boot label that fueled the grunge fashion phase. In fact, if you showed me a picture of this boot and asked me to take a guess at the label, I'd start naming boots that cost upwards of $500. Labels like Opening Ceremony, Rick Owens, and Rag & Bone spring to mind. That's a lot of style for $120. Sign me up for a trip down '90s memory lane...albeit with better shoes.

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