Gift This: Old Navy Fleece Ballet Slipper

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Old Navy Womens Fleece Ballet Slippers
Who: Any female on your gift list

What: Old Navy Fleece Ballet Slipper

Why: This much-loved, and quick to sell out, indoor slipper is one of those little presents that everyone will use. Really, no one wants cold feet during the winter, and socks are so boring.

The Old Navy Fleece Ballet Slipper comes in 5 cute colors, and is sized using the easy-to-guess S, M, L trifecta -- perfect for giving to those whose actual shoe size you don't know. Also, at just $7.50 a pair, this slipper is a fabulous stocking stuffer -- much more useful than all that candy!

→ Buy the Old Navy Fleece Ballet Slipper, $7.50, at; shipping is free on orders of $50+.