New & Hot: A.L.C. Trouser Sweatpants

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A.L.C. Trouser Sweatpants
Slouchy, cropped sweatpants as everyday wear are definitely gaining momentum as a fashion trend. I'm actually really liking the look. It's a little more refined than the wide-leg terry sweatpants from the height of the Juicy era, but is just as comfortable. Plus, I love a sweatpant that you can wear with heels.

This new A.L.C. Trouser Sweatpant lives at the upper end of the slouchy, cropped sweatpants trend. The trouser styling makes it unquestionable that this pant was meant for fashion-forward women to wear out in the open, not just to the gym.

This A.L.C. sweatpant looks great in this picture, styled with sporty high-heeled sandals. It would also look good with refined flats. Just steer clear of flip-flops, which would totally defeat the purpose of choosing a more structured sweatpant.

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