Review: Avon Jewelry and Handbags

Monday, January 17, 2011

--By Po Chhim

Avon Convertible Basics Bag
Avon handbags are perfect for the most stylish teenager and the fashionable adult short on time, but still in need of something cute. The Avon handbag I had the chance to test -- a large, black, basket-weave bag with a stringed ruffle on the closing zipper -- is incredibly cute with jeans and casual wear. Unfortunately, it is no longer available for purchase online, but that's okay by me -- I like the limited nature of this bag.

Avon Multi Chain Beaded Stretch Bracelet
Which brings me to my favorite part of this line of handbags -- they are not so widely available on the market that anyone else can just go out and copy your style. At the under-$30 price tag, these bags are incredible values -- these are impulse purchases that you surely will never regret! After a few uses, any smart, stylish niece would be most excited to inherit them!

As for Avon jewelry -- I would say they, too, are good for the stylish teenager and budget-conscious college student. Although still in with the current trends, the quality of the jewelry is matching of the price, which is not bad, but not something I could really wear for several hours. (Admittedly, I have an allergy to metals and general fake jewelry.) Although I would not buy them for myself, I certainly would buy Avon jewelry for my teenage niece, thereby making her the best-adorned 14-year-old at her high school.

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Disclosure: Review samples of Avon jewelry and handbags were provided by Avon; no compensation was received in exchange for this review.
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